A former Green Bay Packer player is in big trouble, accused of misconduct involving a kids game, Pokémon cards. WeAre

Blake Martinez, former linebacker for the Green Bay Packers was using an online platform to see his Pokemon cards...How cute. Apparently he was being super shady and dude was kicked off of it...What?

The platform is called "Whatnot" and they claim Blake that wasn't being honest about what he was selling people. Say what? So this grown man, an NFL linebacker was pulling shady deals online with his selling of Pokemon cards. That's great. WTH.

Here is what "Whatnot" has said about removing Blake Martinez and his company "Blakesbreaks."

If you really want to get into the details, it's explained in a 10 PART YOUTUBE SERIES. Here's just part one of this series, it's for sure worth the watch!


Additionally, Whatnot announced that all buyers impacted by the infractions have been refunded. Blake Martinez is involved with ‘Blakesbreaks’ - WeAreGreenBay

The scamming of people with this whole Pokemon deal, is happening all the time. The value of these things, and the "fake" aspect of the business is insane. Check out the comments about this:

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