Here is a list of foods that will annoy your co-workers when you eat them during lunch in the break room.

One of the worse places to have an office at work is right across from the break room. Trust me, I had one for a few years.

There is always strange sights, sounds, and smells coming out of it.

When I saw certain people go in, I immediately knew I was trouble.

I think if you're going to eat at work, there are some food items you should avoid. Otherwise, you are going to be "that person" to avoid at lunch time.

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Here's a list of the worst foods to eat around other people.

  • Oatmeal - mushy sound
  • Tuna - fishy smell
  • Mayo Salads - smell up the room
  • Candy - unwrapping sound
  • Granola Bars - crumbs everywhere
  • Apple - loud bites
  • Microwaved food - horrible smells
  • Turkey Legs - messy
  • Ice - biting or sucking on are both bad
  • Chips - crunch after crunch after crunch

Do yourself a favor and be a good co-worker. If you have to eat any of these items, go out to lunch.

On a personal note, Captain Jack eats a lot of really smelly foods.


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