Just because the line-up from the hit record Rumors can't get along, doesn't mean you and your friends can't enjoy yourselves in a pop-up inspired by the famous group.

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The Rookery in Chicago hosts the pop-up named Rhiannon that pays homage to Fleetwood Mac this June. It's open on Thursdays through Sunday now until June 17th.

No shortage of black lace, visitors can get their tarot cards read while enjoying cocktails inspired by the group.

After reading the article on Muchices.com, they should really call this a Stevie Nicks inspired pop-up. Most of the decor and drink names are made with her in mind more so then the group as a whole.

That's probably because owner/partner of The Rookery Amy Teri said the first concert she ever attended was a Stevie Nicks one and she has been a fan ever since. As someone who is named after the woman, I can totally relate!

Teri went on to say that Rhiannon is:

"This is a pop-up celebrating the magic of women,”

One drink being served is the Crystal Visions which is made with champagne, edible glitter, and color-changing rock sugar.   Sounds fun!

Other cocktails on the menu are the Go Your Own Way (a "sour and salty tequila-based cocktail" or margarita);  the Seven Wonders (pisco, blueberry jam, "color-changing butterfly flower chai"); the Landslide (tequila, pineapple-infused rum, coconut rum cream, and chocolate);the Gold Dust Woman (bourbon, honey, and ginger liqueur, with a gold candy rim);  the Songbird (rosé, Chareau, lime, soda);  and the Black Magic Woman (activated charcoal, gin, and lychee liquor).

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