This is a little helpful guide as you get ready to attend your holiday work party. Five things you SHOULD NOT do at your Christmas Party. HuffPost 

We had our Christmas part about a week ago, and it was a damn good time. Catch an Icehogs game in a suite, eat, drink, buy the boss man a shot...It was a good night.

Brian McGowan
Brian McGowan

I think for the most part, you won't get anything "too stupid" out this group...Depends I guess, but it was a peaceful evening.

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Anytime you combine the people you work with and alcohol, things could get stupid. "Do you now what I really think of you..." Not a good way to start off a conversation. Finally telling your boss what you think of them isn't a great idea idea either. I bought my boss a shot of whiskey, he's alright...I'll keep him. LOL

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So here's a guide, just something helpful for your work Christmas Party. Maybe you could print these out and keep them in your pocket. You can refer to these throughout the evening, just incase.

Jani Bryson

Here are Five Things You SHOULD NOT DO at Your Company Christmas Party.

Fall Over - Staying upright is a great idea, not exactly a good look being face down.

Throw Up - Tossing your cookies is a bad look...if you gotta hurl, make a run for it.

Break Things - You're not at home, don't prove that you can't have "nice things."

Reveal Too Much - Whether it's talking or what you are wearing, keep it "at work" like.

Lecture the Boss - That won't end well, zip it and say it to yourself on the way home.

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