On Sunday I went downtown with Double T to meet and talk with Rockford native and NBA Toronto Raptor, Fred VanVleet.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

First off, Fred is one of the nicest and most humble kids I've ever met. By the way, calling an NBA star a "kid" does in fact feel weird. I've head a lot about Fred, a lot about his work ethic and drive. I was also told once that he harbored a bunch of bad feelings towards Rockford, that obviously is not true.

Fred took his mini vacation (NBA All-Star Weekend) to come home and give back to Rockford. There was a kids camp, a speaking engagement, just being one with the community he grew up in. No doubt he won't have many NBA All-Star Weekends free in the near future.

Double T talked to Fred about growing up in Rockford, must have foods, great places to play hoops, etc. Check out 5 Questions with Fred VanVleet below.



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