Mark Slaughter of Slaughter called The Eagle today.

10th Anniversary Of The Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp In Vegas
Getty Images - Ethan Miller

"Fly to the Angels", "Up All Night", rock band Slaughter has enjoyed quite a long and successful career.

I can remember seeing Slaughter for the first time opening up for KISS at the brand new World Music Theater. They were filled with tons of energy and really held their own as the opener for KISS.

Here we are in 2017, the Slaughter brand is alive and well touring the planet. Now comes word of a new solo album from singer Mark Slaughter.

The Mark Slaughter solo album, "Halfway There" will be released on May 26th on the EMP Label Group (run by Megadeth bass play David Ellefson).

I had the chance to speak with Mark Slaughter today and ask him five questions:

  • Why a solo record now
  • How has Slaughter survived all these years while other bands are killing each other
  • What is the vibe of the new album
  • How has the recording industry changed over the years
  • What motivates you in 2017

Here is my interview with Mark Slaughter.

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