Our area is chalked full of amazing bike trails, and this weekend's weather is just begging us to use them.

Jupiterimages, ThinkStock
Jupiterimages, ThinkStock

It's been a tad on the chilly side which can make for some annoying riding. I've braved the elements on my mountain bike before and it just makes me mad.

With temperatures up this weekend, and Mother Nature giving us a little window of sun this could make for a great bike riding weekend.

There are great connecting trail throughout Rockton, Rockford, all the way down to Popular Grove. But I have some more adventurous ideas for a beautiful weather weekend.

According to SingleTracks here are Five of the Best Trails to Ride in Illinois:

  • Farmdale Reservoir Recreation Area - Peoria
  • Independence (Indy) - Also Peoria
  • Kickapoo - One of the most popular trail in Illinois
  • Palos Hills - 20 minutes from downtown Chicago
  • Saw Wee Kee - Oswego, very challenging

Get the bike a Spring tune up, yes I said Spring, and get out there this weekend.







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