Have you ever heard of Laundry Mats that have a bar inside?


These Laundry Mat bars are popping up all over the place. They are all over Chicago and big cities across the country. Washing your undies and drinking a tall cold one, awesome.

So this got us talking, if you add booze to anything it makes it better, right?

You can have a drink at a book store, at Chuck E. Cheese, does adding beer make it all worth it?

We came up of a list of Five Places in Rockford That Would be Better With Booze. Now some of these there is no way possible, but it's O.K. to dream.

  • Schnucks - According to Tina Fox, "Grocery shopping with beer, sign me up".
  • Trampoline Park - Now I wouldn't exactly suggest drinking and bouncing, but if you are there to watch the kids why not.
  • Little League Games - Hot sun, seven innings of strike outs, a cold beer would hit the spot.
  • Magic Waters - Now this was a thing back in the day. Privately owned, there were hot tubs and beer.
  • Culture Shock - Vinyl spinning, doing some shopping for great music and gifts, beer me!


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