Scrolling through Reddit over the weekend I noticed this question "Have always got it from linos (sp) but the last two times the Alfredo sauce has been terrible. Anyone have a recommendation for good chicken Alfredo?"

While I disagree with that person's review of Lino's Chicken Alfredo, I was compelled to see for myself.

So I decided to take a look at Yelp to see if I could find the "Best Chicken Alfredo" and I found we've got some good options in the Forest City.

In order to pull together a perfect pile of Chicken Alfredo, there are a number of things that have to be done right. First, the sauce, too watery or too thick, is the most important thing. It needs to be just right. Then there's the chicken. If it's over or undercooked gross chicken can make for a bad experience. Finally, there are the noodles. If the fettuccini, for example, is overcooked and mushy or al dente that can ruin the meal too.

If all three of those things come together, you've got a near-perfect serving of Chicken Alfredo.

Here are the top 5 restaurants for Chicken Alfredo in Rockford according to Yelp!

Five Best Places For Chicken Alfredo In Rockford

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