The Chicago Cubs apparently are upsetting the "Uniform Police" of Major League Baseball.

Jon Durr, Getty Images

According to Deadspin Willson Contreras has been told by MLB that his sleeve has to go.

MLB's "Uniform Police" just got done yelling at Ben Zobrist about his all black cleats and threatening him with a fine. Apparently, a percentage of your cleat must contain some team colors.

Wilson Contreras wears a Venezuelan-flag sleeve to honor his home country. Not this sleeve is, in fact, Chicago Cubs colors, but apparently, that doesn't matter.

Cubs skipper Joe Maddon had this to say about it:

“Listen, you know how I am about individuality, I’m sure the boys may have gotten together and talked about it. I’m anticipating some adjustments to the rule at some point. Whenever the guys hang together, I’m always behind them.”