A note from Chris Zion and the staff at First Insurance Group in Rockford:


Swedish American Hospital has 220 staff that work in the Covid, ER and ICU areas. Today we delivered gift cards to all of them in appreciation for their dedication as well as the risks they face to provide for our community. We hope in some small way that they bring smiles to their face and warmth in their souls knowing they are appreciated. Maybe even an early smile for Easter? SwedishAmerican Rockford, Illinois

Thank you to our client/ friends at Prairie Street Brewing Co. for being a part of this also.


Thank you to Chris and the thoughtful staff at First Insurance Group, for their hometown love. This is a great example of local organizations doing their part to take care of others in Rockford. Also a big thank you to everyone at Prairie Street Brewing Co for their participation in this awesome local "give back."


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