Firemen and women are some of the most incredible people on the planet.

They are brave, heroic, strong, fearless and save lives every single day. What makes them so awesome?

1. Firefighters are awesome because they can remain calm under pressure.  In the video below, the Rockford Fire Department are responding to a motor vehicle accident where they use air bags to lift this truck off a car that crashed into the side of the truck and got lodged under the frame. Two young girls were trapped in the front seat. Firefighters cut off the roof of the car to remove the girls safely.

2. Firefighters are awesome because they never sleep and are still amazing at their jobs. Seriously. In 2009 for example, the Rockford Fire Department answered 23,663 calls. That is about three an hour for an entire year! Working 24 hour shifts can really put your sleep pattern out of whack, yet they are better at their jobs than most of us on eight hours of sleep.

3. Firefighters are awesome because they run into danger, not away from it. My friend Lyndsay shared with me her experience of when she was younger and there was a fire at her home:

Our house was on fire in 1996. It killed our bird. It was over 1800 degrees in our lower level. The fact that they go in there and put it out makes them pretty fearless. I remember walking up to the house and one of them had an O2 tank run out. Now one of the firemen lives a few houses down. Our house could have burn to the ground or spread to the neighbors but they stopped it. It's a career that is rather important to us humans that freeze up in situations because most people wouldn't run into a burning building

4. Firefighters are awesome because educate the community in fire prevention. Changing batteries in smoke alarms, knowing risks before they become a problem, escape plans and more are all of the tools and skills that firemen will teach the community to keep them safe.

Rockford Fire Department will be at Home Depot on Argus Drive kicking off Fire Prevention Week. Be sure to check your smoke detectors!

Posted by Rockford Fire Department on Saturday, October 3, 2015

5. Firefighters are awesome because they take care of more than just fires. Whether it be something medical, flooding, chemical spills, car accidents or saving animals, the Fire Department will be the first on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

6. Firefighters are awesome because they are family. I have firemen and women as friends and family members of my own. Each are from different walks of life yet being a part of this exclusive club makes them all family. They will do anything for one another and are ready to rally together during times of need. I have never seen a bond as strong as the bond from fireman to fireman.

7. Firefighters are awesome because they are always good looking. Something about a man in uniform... Have you seen the behind the scenes video of the guys in the 2016 Rockford Firefighter Calendar?!

8. Firefighters are awesome because they care about your animals as much as they care about you. I'm not going to lie, I got a bit misty-eyed watching this video of a firefighter saving a kitten.

9. Firefighters are awesome because they aren't afraid to let loose for charity. Seriously! Our Pink Party is October 23rd and the guys are ready to put on their bras and dance! Proceeds benefit the Winnebago County Chapter of the Pink Heels.

Thompson Digital Images 2014

Don't you want to see some more of that?! I know I do!

Why not join us for our Pink Party on October 23rd!