Shoplifters in Baraboo, Wisconsin beware...if you try to rob the Walmart and Lisa is working, you're screwed.

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From the Facebook page of Rebecca Pickel comes a video that says "On Wisconsin" without a single beer or brat in sight...Just a deer, a Walmart and a bad ass lady named Lisa.

It turns out that a lost and scared deer ran inside the Baraboo, Walmart and as you can imagine was lost and confused. So what is the next step when you see this as a Walmart employee in Wisconsin? Thankfully the deer didn't make it back to the sporting goods section. Click. Click. Boom...

Enter Walmart employee Lisa...cracks her knuckles. pushing all the male employees to the side and says, "boys, momma got this..."

Lisa held down the deer until the proper "deer catching" folks in Baraboo, Wi to arrive and do the rest.

"Baraboo Walmart today tops off to Lisa for helping this deer not injure herself and to get out safely! Great thinking. Don’t know I’ll see this again in a lifetime," - Rebecca Pickel 


Look at the positioning of the Baraboo Walmart employee of the year, Lisa. Bambi isn't going anywhere. Center of gravity, legs held together, I wonder if she wrestled in high school...or maybe this happens pretty regularly in Baraboo?

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I'm thinking about hiring Lisa on the side, maybe like 96.7 The Eagle security or something. Or just paying her to walk through the Rockton Walmart with me, what could possibly go wrong?



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