If you've recently gotten new ink or are planning on it, you may want to ask your artist what ink they plan on using.

This is because the FDA recently recalled ceratin inks because they have the potential to cause serious injury if used because of bacterial contamination.

The FDA says these certain inks, three types so far, should not be used or sold by artists, consumers, or retailers because they are contaminated with microorganisms.

One official for the FDA wrote in a release:

Tattoo inks contaminated with microorganisms can cause infections and lead to serious health injuries when injected into the skin during a tattooing procedure since there is an increased risk of infection any time the skin barrier is broken,"

The commonly reported symptoms of tattoo-ink related infections include the appearance of rashes, red papules, and lesions in the areas where the contaminated ink has been applied. Some may even lead to permanent scarring.

Officials continued:

Indications of an infection can be difficult to recognize as other conditions (e.g., allergic reactions) may have initially had similar signs and symptoms, leading to misdiagnosis and ineffective treatments,"

Six tattoo inks have been identified as being contaminated with bacteria that are harmful to human health. They were manufactured by 4 firms that are still un investigation.

The recalled inks are:

  • Scalpaink SC, Scalpaink PA and Scalpaink AL basic black tattoo inks manufactured by Scalp Aesthetics (all lots)
  • Dynamic Color - Black tattoo ink manufactured by Dynamic Color Inc (lots 12024090 and 12026090)
  • Solid Ink-Diablo (red) tattoo ink manufactured by Color Art Inc. (dba Solid Ink) (dba Antone's Ink) (lot 10.19.18)

If you're currently planning your next tat, ask your artist to check their inks first to make sure they don't have any of these.

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