Police arrest a father and son after the discover 600 pounds of marijuana in their camper.

Recreational cannabis is now legal in Illinois but there are some rules. It's not just a big free for all and being able to do whatever you want.

According to newstrib.com,

"A father-son duo from California claiming to be road testing an RV had more than luggage on board, the two were caught with 600 pounds of marijuana during a Bureau County traffic stop. The suspects told state police who pulled them over on Interstate 80 at the Princeton exit that they were taking the RV on an overnight trip to Chicago to test it out, but when questioned by troopers, they admitted they had marijuana in the vehicle. An inspection uncovered 10 duffel bags full of the stuff which they claimed to have picked up in the state of Oregon."

Sounds kind of like the movie, "We're The Millers."

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