This sweet Siberian Husky named Royce who lives in Illinois is one of the biggest David Gilmour fans in the world.

My cousin Amanda has great taste in music and so does her dog Royce.

Every time she turns on David Gilmour or Pink Floyd, Royce sings along to every word.

Whether Amanda is cleaning in the kitchen, relaxing and listening to music or anytime David Gilmour is on, Royce sings.

Up until now, it's been urban legend that a dog could love David Gilmour as much as it's owner. Amanda has shared clips of Royce singing to close friends and family before but lucky us... it's now public for all of us to see.

In the 17 second video below, you can hear Royce jamming right along with David Gilmour.

Tell me that isn't the sweetest thing you have ever seen! Rock on Royce... Rock on!


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