The recycling bin in our kitchen is full of things everyday things that, apparently, can not be recycled. You might want to check out this list and if the same thing is happening to you.


According to Rock River Disposal's website, here are common household trash you can not recycle.


Plastic grocery bags. (Wait, what?!)

Plastic Grocery Bags
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Paper Towels, Napkin, Facial tissues (It makes sense depending on what you're cleaning up.

Paper Towels
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Household Trash (Meaning? Stuff the garbage disposal can't handle... or...?)

Kitchen Trash
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Other items that made the list of "can not recycle."

  • TV’s and Monitors (What the plastic, metal, and glass? Ok, fine.)
  • Diapers (Eww, just eww.)
  • Hazardous waste containers (Is this a regular thing in Rockford?)
  • Construction waste (Again, does the average person have this?)
  • Appliances (Even if you throw it out, someone will take it.)
  • Landscaping, yard clippings, trimmings (Well, yeah.)
  • Vehicle Parts (What do you do with these?)

Click here for more info and exactly what you can recycle.



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