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I'll admit there's a couple of popular bands out there that I'm not the biggest fan of, but I can't say I've ever lied about liking one to look cooler.

But some of the ones that have made onto this list I'm a bit surprised by. Others I can totally see why some may feel that saying you think they rule when you don't might earn you some points.

The full list of bands that folks lie about liking can be found on Ranker.com, this is the Top 10 Classic Rock Bands People Lie About Liking:

  1. Pink Floyd
  2. Led Zeppelin
  3. Jimi Hendrix
  4. Black Sabbath
  5. The Beatles
  6. The Who
  7. Grateful Dead
  8. The Kinks
  9. The Clash
  10. The Beach Boys


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