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North of the border are some tiny...towns. Like Humbird, and Eland, where the beer flows and nobody knows, because there is like six people.

I always enjoy the names of tiny towns and their back stories. Someone had an uncle that owned a bar, and there was a horse, and a church...love it. Talk Alfolkey, IL...it's north of Freeport and I'm pretty sure you can still get glass bottled milk delivered to your front step. What up, cuz!

So let's find these little towns in Wisconsin, I'm willing to bet one of these places has an awesome burger or something with cheese. ONLY


  • 5. Deer Park - 216 folks, blink and miss it
  • 4. Van Dyne - 279 and a Supper Club
  • 3. Delta - 273 and snowmobiles 
  • 2. Waukau - 255, very political peeps
  • 1. Hollandale - 288 on the Pecatonica River

I do love a good Supper Club, that seems like an awesome road trip. Coming in at number six was Unity, Wisconsin that is the home of "Ray's Homemade Sausage." Again, road trip?

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