When Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine cover was first unveiled, it went viral instantly, and pretty much everyone had something to say about it. Some people were a bit critical, while others were totally on board and even more decided to parody it. Now we've got a group of elders reacting to the racy cover, and the results are pretty great -- as one would expect.

When asked if they'd ever heard of Kim, many of the viewers in question were certainly aware of her celebrity status. From "She's very well known for her ... tush" to "She's captivating to a certain audience out there. Is that talent? Well, maybe in the strictest definition it isn't, but there is a talent," there's an interesting mix of opinions within the group.

Once they're shown the photos of Kim, the reactions range slightly from "She's got very good gear" to "I'm really happy that she's proud of her body, and that's wonderful. I just go -- where do we draw the line? Is anything okay?" and "I think it's a cheap shot."

The most extreme? When someone says "It disgusts me." Meanwhile, others weren't quite as phased, saying "She has a fabulous body, and it's beauty," as well as "To me, it's nothing much. It's just a girl without clothes."

Check out the video above to see all of the priceless reactions!

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