One way I find myself measuring a great song is by how loud I crank it when I'm driving. Sometimes I even crank it loud enough to be heard from over seventy-five feet away. Did you know you are breaking a Rockford noise ordinance if your music can be heard over seventy-five feet away from your car? And they call this America?

Bob Seger is celebrating his 69th birthday today. Bob has hinted that his touring days are probably over. He did hit the road a few years back and got great reviews. I think Bob is often overlooked as a great songwriter. He came from Detroit. A town that was built on the automobile and tough rock 'n roll. Ted Nugent, Iggy Pop, Grand Funk, Alice Cooper, Glenn Frey and the great MC5 all hail from the Motor City.

On today's Brizz Record Bin we help Bob blow out the candles with one of the greatest road songs of all time, 'Get Out of Denver.' And let me tell you, to get to Loveland Pass from Denver in half an hour is damn good time.