The Decorah Eagle Cam has been very popular with Eagle listeners. Boy, that sentence is an English teacher's nightmare. We have watched the progress from when there were three eggs for mom and dad to the hatching of all three to the astonishing growth these chicks went through. They're getting huge! They are also getting more independent.

If you have looked at the Eagle Cam for the past few days, it's a sad and lonely sight. No birds. The chicks are gone and mom don't call it home anymore this year. The chicks 'flew the coop' over the past several days. One of them was found on the ground (alive!) and after a night looked after was released back in the wild. Another youngster was found near a horse barn with a broken wing and is being cared for.

Mom and dad are still helping out their three kids by bringing them food as they learn how to wield the great power of an eagle's wings and reverence.

Watch all three birds fledge:




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