Imagine this...You sit down for pancakes, and there's a drunk woman running around with her pants around her knees. Enjoy your flapjacks! SG


Let me introduce you to Consuelo Guenther. She was liquored up, and ready to live her best life...according to her.

Small pancakes with butter and honey

With her pants around her ankles, and enough Mad Dog 20/20 in her system to wipe out a family of six...Consuelo ran around yelling stuff no one could understand at an IHOP.  Maybe she had pancakes in her mouth, no?

Golden Pancakes
Marie Fields

Cops showed up and the drunk lady was sitting in her running car in the parking lot. Consuelo was not wearing a coat, shoes, or socks. Because she was in a running car, she was charged with a DUI. Also added...

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal damage to private property
  • IHOP Bunny Hop

The naked IHOP runner would not speak to reporters about this situation because she claimed she was "in Mexico and didn't want to run up her minutes." Sketchy, super sketchy Consuelo.

Reading, Pennsylvania Struggles To Overcome Vast Swaths Of Poverty
Getty Images

So you run the IHOP with no clothes, you pass out drunk in your car, and then leave the country! That is quite the gimmick, I think Double T wants to learn more!

Pancakes belong at pancake places, and your pants belong ON while others eat pancakes...Makes sense to me! Mmmmm, pancakes.


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