This spring a drive-in movie theater near Starved Rock is set to return.

I think we can come to an agreement that 2020 was not our favorite year. Even though we all missed out on a lot of stuff, there were still some great things that happened.

To start, everyone got to experience some serious family bonding time. I believe it was very important. People are so busy, they forget about each other. Many folks got off the couch and hit the outdoors which surprised me in a good way.

You can combine them together and that gives you my favorite new and old trend of the year which is the triumphant return of the drive-in movie theater. If I could honor it with an award, I definitely would.

I have always been a big fan of the outdoor theater. My parents took me as a child. I went with friends in high school. I took dates in college. My own family and I actually went to a few too.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people took advantage of them. They are only open for part of the year and the summer attendance declined drastically. Many went out of business. Others sold out because the property was worth too much money.

When families were looking for activities, they rediscovered the drive-in and the outdoor theaters started thriving again. Some areas started temporary pop-up locations. Even some former spots have reopened after years of being dark.

Luckily, Rockford is in a convenient location when it comes to drive-ins. We have a few options pretty close including the McHenry Outdoor Theater, Midway Drive-In, and Sky-Vu Drive-In. Soon, our list will expand.

According to,

"Starved Rock Country is home to one of the best drive-in theaters in the entire Midwest, and it’s about to re-open to the public for the first time this year! For many, a trip to Earlville’s Route 34 Drive-In symbolizes an unofficial kick-off to Summer. For the opening two weekends of the 2021 season, April 16-18 and April 30 - May 2, they’ll be playing two John Hughes directed classics, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles."

For more info, HERE.

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