A woman named Dr. Marijuana Pepsi lives just outside of Rockford.

I remember on my radio show years ago, we were doing a segment about strange names. A listener called in about a girl from Beloit named Marijuana Pepsi Jackson. That immediately became the focus of our discussion for several minutes. Many calls came in supporting the story.

What we wanted to figure out was it true or an "Urban Myth." Eventually, someone faxed us over her picture from the high school yearbook.

I haven't thought about that name for a long time. Then I saw this story from jsonline.com...

"Yes, her name really is Marijuana Pepsi, and now she's Dr. Marijuana Pepsi to you."

She recently received her "Higher Education Leadership" Ph.D. from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. She teaches at Beloit College. Her family lives on a farm in Pecatonica.

Marijuana's mother gave her the name at birth saying that it would take her around the world. I give her credit for never changing it. Sometimes if she's in a hurry, she will introduce herself as M.P. to avoid the long explanation.

By the way, she's never used marijuana.

If you ever think your name different, think about Marijuana Pepsi.


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