Damage is being done to the environment by downloading digital music.

Downloading digital music and streaming services are the major ways people listen to music. They have replaced physical copies.

This made some environmentalists happy because of the amount of plastic used to make CD's has drastically dropped.

Digital over physical is better for the planet, right? Not necessarily.

According to factmag.com,

"Although the shift from physical media to streaming has reduced cost and plastic pollution, using services like Spotify and Apple Music is driving up carbon emissions and contributing to climate change."

"The energy used to store and stream digital media is just as harmful to the environment as plastic waste."

"Translated the production of plastics and the generation of electricity into greenhouse gas equivalents (GHGs), streaming generates far more. While GHGs peaked at 157 million in 2000 under the physical era, the generation of GHGs by storing and streaming digital files is estimated to be between 200 million kilograms and over 350 million kilograms in the USA alone."

I suggest keep rocking your CD's and vinyl.


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