Next time you find a spider in your home, don't kill it.

I'm just like most people. When I see a spider crawling on the wall of the living room, my first reaction is to kill it. They are creepy looking. Plus, I don't want to get bit by one. It could be poisonous. That is just the fear talking. They aren't going to do anything to me. In fact, besides a few exceptions, they are good to have around.

According to,

"Spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem. They are neither aggressive nor dangerous. They may be providing services like eating pests. They regularly capture nuisance pests and even disease-carrying insects, for example, mosquitoes. So killing a spider doesn’t just cost the arachnid its life, it may take an important predator out of your home." 

"The majority of species have venom too weak to cause issues in humans if their fangs can pierce our skin at all. They are not out to get you and actually prefer to avoid humans; we are much more dangerous to them than vice versa. Bites from spiders are extremely rare."

If you are truly afraid of spiders and can't have them in your house, next time, instead of killing it, capture it and put it outside.


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