Sure you'd think this is sort of a no brainer, but it turns out a lot of people are nose pickers. And more often than not that same nose picker will turn around and eat their booger.

I can hear all the ewws now, but Business Insider is reporting that over 90% of adults pick their noses.

I would say that's probably a fair assessment, even if most won't admit to it.

It's cool, I'm not here to judge.

Just the next time your digging for gold, don't eat it!

Even if some believe that they'll boost your immune system, Business Insider is saying that snot the case.

Think of it this way, that ooey-gooey nugget is filled with all sorts of bacteria your body was attempting to purge.  Now as it digests those will reenter your body.

That's just one hazard to be a nose picker. The act itself can be dangerous.

Scratching the inside of your nose can lead to the bacteria that's under your fingernails entering your system.

One study in 2006 found that nose-pickers were more likely to get a Staph infection. Or even worse one could puncture their spetum and not in the fashion sorta way.

One 53-year-old-woman had somehow managed to carve a hole right through her sinus. WHAT?!?!

How long was she digging in there for that to happen? Seriously!

Sure these are all extreme cases, but proof that they can happen.

Maybe be a bit more careful the next time you're mining for green nose gold.

And definitely, don't eat 'em!

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