If you love traveling with your best friend, there's a special hotel just for you and your dog located in Illinois.

Dog-Friendly Hotel In Illinois

They call dogs man's best friend for a reason. We love having those puppies around. The animals are part of our family and lives. Sometimes, it's hard to not include them when things are going on.

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The worst is when you're going on vacation and you have to leave your dog or pet for multiple days. No one feels comfortable doing that. You want to bring them along with you but sometimes that's a big ask. Leaving them home can be even harder. You've got to find a reliable person up for the task. That could cost a lot of money.

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It seems like nowadays, I see dogs in public at businesses with their owners all the time. You could never get away with that in the past. Now, many places are pet and dog-friendly, even hotels. I found one of the top ones in Illinois and the United States.

group of five dogs
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Virgin Hotels are some of the best you can find across the United States. They are also dog-friendly. In fact, the chain is one of the best for pets. Now, you can bring your dog on vacation with you without any serious issues. They even have some perks for these animals.

  • Dog-friendly rooms.
  • Comfy pet-menities.
  • Pets are treated as well as their owners.
  • Pets stay free.
  • No size or breed restrictions.
  • Porcelain watchdog outside your door.
  • Comfortable pet bed.
  • Food and water dishes.
  • Treats.
  • Bandana to look stylish.

Virgin Hotel

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