There is a Lansing, Michigan church that lets their congregation smoke pot.

Church Pews with Stained Glass Beyond Pulpit

The First Cannabis Church of Logic & Reason (that's the real name) is a first of it's kind.

According to VIBE ordained minister, Jeremy Hall believes that smoking marijuana during church can help people that are in pain, and also help create a spiritual sense of belonging.

Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, and there is also an ordinance that allows for possession of less than once ounce of pot on private property if you are at least 21 years old.

So with Medical Marijuana laws changing in Illinois, I wonder if something like this would work in Rockford.

Would this be something you would support in our area? So you think Rockford as a community would support this one day?

Now I will admit I have sat through church services that have made me quite sleepy, but this is next level.

Here are my questions:

  • Are all the hymns 12 minutes long (at least two guitar solos in each)
  • Will this eliminate "old Church smell"
  • Does munchies of communion Sunday cause an issue