There is right way and wrong way to peel Post It Notes, do you do it right?

blue and pink paper in a corkboard

My office is covered in Post it Notes. I use a bulletin board to hang them and it is covered. I have them on stand by and within reaching distance on my desk. Some would even say I'm a little obsessed with Post It Notes.

Do your notes have a curve to them, if they do you are peeling them wrong. When you hang or "post" a note they should be completely straight and curve free. I'm serious, if they have a curve you failed.

Please watch this video:


If I walk into someones office and they have curves notes, I have already tuned them out. You could be giving me the greatest advice and handing me hundred dollar bills, but if your Post It Notes are curved, I don't think we could be friends.

I may have a messy fridge, the occasional shirt on my office floor, but none of my Post It Notes are curved. Pull at an angle people, then they don't curve and your co-workers will respect you more.


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