Growing up here in the Midwest I never really realized it wasn't something others not from around here don't really use on a daily basis as myself and many others do.

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A word that is of Midwestern origins and is partly related to Midwestern politeness. It is also a word that can have serval different meanings and uses. Even the Urban Dictionary offers more that one definition for the word.

Ope, excuse me

Ope, I forgot my keys

Ope, I was supposed to turn there 

The possibilities are really endless.

Those not from the Midwest may say things like whoops or even up-a-dazy instead.

I guess it could even be looked at as that of a reflex too.

After watching the hilarious School of Ope, I'm far more aware of just how much I say OPE.

How about you? Do you say Ope?

"When in doubt, Ope it out." 

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