When getting up in the morning, do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock?

According to apartmenttherapy.com,

"56.61% of men and 64.43% of women hit the snooze button."

"6.31% of women and 5.65% of men say they hit snooze more than three times."

"61.94% of people only set one alarm."

It seems like many people hit the snooze.

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Since I do a morning show and have to be awake super early, I rely heavily on my alarm clock. It goes off every weekday morning at four. I'm usually not getting enough sleep, so I would never be able to get up on time without it.

Before I did mornings, I never even used an alarm clock. I got up on my own.

Luckily, I hear it and I wake up with no problem. My wife can sleep right through her alarm.

I still go old school clock / radio. I use the radio instead of the actual alarm. So, I wake up to The Eagle every morning. The only time I ever had a problem was when there was a power outage.

Recently, I did start using my cellphone as a back up. My alarm clock and cellphone alarm basically go off at the same time. They are only set to go off that one time at four. My wife has three different alarms, set at several different times.

There is no snoozing in my world. I tried it for a little while, but I thought it just made me more tired. I understand people set their alarm early, so they can snooze for a bit. That's not for me. I found that setting my clock for the latest time I can sleep till and getting up right away, works best for me. My wife will hit snooze several times on all her alarms.

I like to take a nap in the afternoon, but sometimes I do freak out when I wake up because I get confused and I think I'm late for work.

I know there is a lot of shift work in Rockford. I have friends that work second and third shifts. I would be interested to find out what their alarm clock habits are.

Do you hit the snooze?

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