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As we decide what our Thanksgiving plans are in 2020, do you know what you will wear if you go? Some family traditions include a formal attire for the dinner, while others arrive like Dollar General now carries malt liquor...either way is just fine:

I've wined and dined with kings and queens, and I've slept in the alley eating pork and beans. - Dusty Rhodes 

So what does your Thanksgiving dress code consist of? Will you dress in your Sunday best...(Bears jersey or Packers hat) or do you need to impress Aunt Judy with a pressed shirt and uncomfortable pants?

While this is a holiday celebration, I think over the years everyone has chilled a bit with this. Wear what you deem "nice" and just be thankful...oh, and bring a mask, right?

If you are looking for Thanksgiving attire for your gathering CLICK HERE 


So here is the big question, what do you wear to you family Thanksgiving?  Choose one of add your own:

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