Illinois is known to have a very big appetite for some seriously delicious food; from Italian beef sandwiches and deep dish pizza to horseshoes and Chicago-style hot dogs; I'd eat all of it if you put it in front of me. (Even though I still don't understand how you can eat a hot dog without mustard.)

Here's something else I don't understand, why anyone on earth would want to eat gravy bread. According to Thrillist, it's the worst food to eat in Illinois.

In their article, Every States Grossest Food (That People Actually Love), it's actually not the worst, it's something that people in Illinois love to eat but they just can't wrap their soggy, gravy soaked bread around it. That's all gravy bread is, a roll of bread soaked in beef juice...or gravy.

No offense, but that looks gross. Anyone who has a texture issue with food will agree with me. I do you eat a sandwich without meat?

Wisconsin's got it right; take a look at that butter burger. Not sure how the writers at Thrillist can name this our neighbor to the north's worst food; next to cheese curds and cream puffs, it's the best.

Hey, it's way better than gravy bread.


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