Is your vehicle a member of your family?

When I was younger, I owned older cars. I usually gave them names. My friends were the same way. I think it gave the vehicles personalities.

Do you name your car?

According to,

"The study examining America’s love of cars found 56 percent of owners even go as far as naming their vehicle."

I don't feel so strange about doing it anymore. I guess my latest car needs a name now.

"Results found that 42 percent of named cars get their names from a prominent feature (color, the sound it makes, etc.)."

I can see that. I had a car named "Old Blue."

"Other name inspirations come from movies, TV shows, and songs (20 percent) and famous cars or celebrities (17 percent)."

I agree because I once had one named "Yoda."

How deep is your relationship with your vehicle?

"Americans see their cars as so much more than just a vehicle as new research finds 60 percent of drivers consider their cars to be a full-fledged part of the family."

"2 in 5 surveyed regularly talk to their vehicle."

Okay, I've done that.

"63 percent of owners, car conversations are primarily encouraging the car to go faster or make it up a hill."

Sometimes I just need to sweet talk my ride.

How about its personality?

"Half of American car owners describe their car as “trustworthy” personality. 1 in 3 say their car is fun, and 28 percent say their vehicle is adventurous. 22 percent believe their car is charming."

Can you cheat on your car?

"23 percent of car owners said they’ve even felt guilty driving a car that isn’t their regular car."

Doing something special for your vehicle?

"89 percent said they show their car some form of tender loving care. For 55 percent, the TLC comes in the form of treating their car to a wash or wax. 2 in 5 car owners say they show TLC to their car by never letting its gas tank fall below 1/4th."

I don't know if I would consider my car apart of my family, but definitely a good friend.

People love their cars.

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