I'm sorry if this is a bit grim, but we were actually laughing our asses off talking about it.

Have you ever been willed or given something and you just keep it around because it belonged to that other person?  Let me give you a personal example;  I got my step-dads collection of beer steins. Now, the number of beer steins a normal person needs is about, let's see..hmmm, none. So I gave away about a half dozen of them and still have about a dozen. It doesn't mean I didn't love the guy, but how long am I committed to carrying around his collection of stuff.

My business partner had a similar sentiment in that he was given a piano. It won't stay in tune, it takes up too much space, but he's kind of stuck lugging it around from place to place because of some perceived emotional attachment.

I kind of think that we, as a society need to recognize that a nice digital picture is enough and that we don't need to carry these items around one minute longer than we want. I believe the thrift store will also have a collection of beer steins very soon.

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