There are lists we make as a state that highlights beauty, delicious food, and landmarks. This list puts Illinois is a bad spot, and a deadly spot. CenterSquare

Texting and Driving
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Hey listen, I've done this. I'm not gonna pretend I haven't texted while driving. It's pretty damn stupid, but yep...guilty.

Distracted driving happens, a lot. When it comes to the state of Illinois apparently it happens WAY too much. A study was done, looking at the "total number of distracted driving crashes and fatalities in individual states." Out of the entire country, Illinois ranks 6th for distracted driving deaths.

Study: 42% Of Illinois Teens Are Texting While Driving

In the year 2020, Illinois recorded 185 deaths caused my distracted drivers, wow. To compare, the is DOUBLE the amount out in California.

“Illinois has a long way to go, I think Illinois needs awareness campaigns. I think Illinois needs a community of drivers that take responsibility and remind each other. I think making sure that people get the right education and understand the dangers of driving distracted.” - Leo Waldenback, co-founder of Zutobi

To get really specific about this, "handheld phones" are the reason for the severe crashes. The statistics say that talking on your phone doubles your chances of crashing and texting, makes you SIX TIMES more likely.


So 6th, not good. What states bring up the bottom of the list and have the worst records with this kind of stuff? New Mexico, Kansas, and Louisiana.

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