Did you see this strange row of lights in the sky, over Labor Day weekend? If you did, you are one of many in Illinois. NBCChicago

The UFO thing lately has been very active. With high ranking officials in government now saying, "oh yah, we know they're out there..." it's hard not to look into the sky and question everything.

This happened over Illinois last Saturday night, and a handful of people noticed.

"There was a straight line of lights that appeared in the sky…they were moving slow and suddenly one by one disappeared. Definitely a phenomenon I never seen anything like this before." 


"Several small lights aligned moving upwards in the sky then disappearing." 

Here's the weird thing, if you missed it....You could potentially see them AGAIN over the skies of Illinois, very soon. A string of lights, in a perfect row, heading in one direction. No, it's no aliens, no it's no UFO's, these are IDENTIFIED objects...and they belong to Elon Musk and Starlink.

These Starlink satellites are heading into space to do what satellites do, thanks to Mr. Twitter.


Check out this video of Starlink flying over the heads of Chicago, what an amazing video!

Want to know exactly when they will be above us? Want to know where exactly to look to see them CLICK HERE to learn it all!

This whole Starlink thing is pretty crazy, check this out for further info about how it works.

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