Send in the clowns!

So there's a massive graveyard, where EIGHTY SIX of them are buried together in Chicago, WTH. I know there are those that are terrified of clowns, even the goofy ones are "evil." Might wanna share this story with them.

So here's the story, not creepy at all. CultOfWeird

86 members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus in 1918, were killed in a terrible train wreck. Clowns, trapeze artists, strongmen, and yes even elephants.

If you go to Forest Park, Illinois, the Woodlawn Cemetery, there is a giant elephant statue and under the words "Showmen’s League of America" lays the remains of 86 circus performers and elephants...ewwww.


The train was on it's was to Monroe, Wi. After this massive train crash where most died instantly, the survivors crawled from the wreckage only to have the wreckage burst into flames because of the old-fashioned kerosene-fueled lanterns.

Portrait of Clowns Posing, Front View, Close Up

127 injured, 86 killed in this horrific accident. Here's part one of the weirdness. Because the crash and burned body count was so bad, and no one knew real names...the headstones read only the "stage names." So, Baldy, Smiley, and "Unknown Female #43" are what some headstones read.

Minerva Studio

So here's Part Two of the weird. Years and years later, there are claims of a circus going on at the crash site. People have claimed to have seen elephants walking around the site as music plays.

A massive clown grave, dead elephants walking around, caskets that oversized shoes can fit in. Tears of a clown, indeed.

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