This is good news for Making a Murderer fans!

I just finished binge watching Making a Murderer and I have to say, like millions of others, I'm shocked.

Netflix (via Manitowoc Sheriff's Department)

Everyone I know has seen Making a Murderer, a ten-part documentary series featuring the mysterious case of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

Without getting into details of the case, one thing is for certain. Steven Avery's defense lawyers Jerome Buting and Dean Strang were incredible.

These guys were pros in every sense of the word. I was impressed on how hard they worked on Avery's case. I was even more impressed with Dean Strang's fashion sense. Seriously, those sweater-vests and argyle socks were perfect.

News broke today on The Daily Beast that Strang hinted that he and Buting may return to Avery's defense in the future.

Strang and Buting are both working at their respective law firms in Wisconsin. They do still keep in touch with Steven Avery.

To see the full interview with Dean Strang, visit HERE.