For their 1993 music video for In Utero’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” Nirvana cast a pint-sized girl to don white robes and jump at fetuses dangling from a tree. That girl is now nearly 30, and she just reunited with Dave Grohl for a stroll down memory lane.

Kelsey Rohr was 6 years old at the time “Heart-Shaped Box” was filmed, and now, she believes she might have "peaked" those 20-odd years ago. “Today Dave Grohl and I picked up right where we left off 23 years ago on set of Nirvana’s last music video ‘Heart-Shaped Box,’” Rohr writes in an Instagram post. “Today reminded me that I peaked at 6 years old BUT I was the most badass kid on the playground.”

Grohl, of course, was a little more generous: “Today was the absolute coolest,” Rohr continues. “Or in Dave’s words seeing each other today was a ‘historic moment!’ What a legend!!”

Check out their photo together below and then revisit the “Heart-Shaped Box” video at the top of the page.

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