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That friends, is a million dollar smile and a great head of hair...Oh, and his arm wasn't bad either.

Back on June 20th 2016, Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Dan Marino was here in town. There was an autograph event at Giovanni's Restaurant and Convention Center, and the former Miami Dolphins QB was in attendance. I wonder if anyone asked him about his appearance in the movie "Ace Ventura Pet Detective?"

For the low, low price of $50 you can but an autographed picture of Dan Marino HERE

136439520_4008433282574748_4817991609561808267_o (1)

I know the seller, Brian Weavel (former owner of Anna's Pizza in Winnebago) and he's a stand up dude, so I'm sure it's in mint condition. This is something that I oddly thought long and hard about adding to my personal collection.

I wonder what the interaction with Dan Marino was like? Did Brian hand him the card, a quick signature and move along? I've been to a handful of these autograph things before, either the talent enjoys things or is simply there for a payday.

If you messed up this Christmas for the football fan on your list, click the link above and get you a Marino, signed. Oh and if you are looking for Shaq rookie cards, I know a guy that can take care of you too.


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