If you aren't aware of Ava's story, here goes:

Ava Beck is an eight-year-old girl from Pecatonica, IL  who found out in June of 2018 that she had a form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. Ava and her family grieved, but quickly met with doctors to develop a plan for treatment. She started chemotherapy in July of 2018 with many trips from the Rockford area to Madison Wisconsin, each trip consisting of overnight stays for no less than 2 days at a time. After about a month of treatment, Ava was recommended to fly to Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York City for further testing and better treatment plans.


This journey started by eliminating all the summer plans that Ava and her family had, and turned into treatment, travel, and constant worry. Nicole, Ava’s mom found the strength to grieve and cry when Ava was not around, because she needed to be strong for her. Alexia, Ava’s sister has also been a rock for her mother Nicole, and also a support system for Ava. Alexia is 11, and is trying to find peace while her sister is battling this horrible disease.


After a few months of treatment, the family got the unfortunate news that they were hoping to never get; that the chemotherapy was not working and that Ava needed to go home to be with her family. With the months turning into weeks, and weeks into days, Ava is now coming to the closing of her journey, with all of her family by her side. The days are starting to get harder, but everyone is at peace knowing that she’s “seen the light, and the people” waiting for her.


Ava is an incredibly strong young girl whom never lost her smile or her humor through this entire fight. She’s made this more understanding, by being so brave and strong. Her family wants Ava to be remembered for who she was; a beautiful, smiling, strong-willed girl who loved basketball, her cat, and her family. Ava’s time is limited, but her smile will forever shine bright.

A bakery in Byron, Illinois Holly's Hog Heaven is baking cupcakes to bring smiles and help the family. Ava’s favorite is pumpkin pie. Holly's Hog Heaven will be making pumpkin pie cupcakes for $25 per dozen, Nov 19-23 and all the money will go directly to Nicole, Ava’s moms PayPal, to help cover any expenses they have outstanding or continuing from this point on. Click on the the link HOLLY'S HOG HEAVEN to place your order ASAP.


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