For a scary good time, a creepy "R" rated circus is coming to Illinois.

Big Fan Of Halloween

Since I was a kid, I have always been a fan of Halloween. Give me the costumes, haunted houses, horror movies, with trick or treating and I am all good.


Halloween Keeps Getting Bigger And Better

Have you noticed how much of a bigger deal Halloween has become? There are more fun and frightful activities. It is pretty much celebrated during the whole month of October. I would dare say it has moved up to the number two holiday behind Christmas.


New Halloween Event Coming To Illinois

If you enjoy being scared, here is a new event coming to Illinois that you might want to check out.

It is a creepy "R" rates circus called Paranormal Cirque.

According to,

"Slow down so you can take it all in…but if you scare easily, you might want to run….as we welcome you into this new world of Paranormal Cirque!"


Photo From Cirque Promotions YouTube Video

"Under this Clown Castle, the black and red big top tent, Acrobats of the Air, Illusionists, freaks, mysterious creatures, and all the elements that make one think of a "normal" Circus but that of normal has very little!"


Photo From Cirque Promotions YouTube Video

"A new show with breathtaking implications always poised between fun and the most uninhibited fear that will transport you to a dark world inhabited by creatures with incredible circus art abilities."


Photo From Cirque Promotions YouTube Video

I knew this was something different when it was given an "R" rating. That means it takes Halloween to the next scary level.

Photo From Cirque Promotions YouTube Video

For more info and tickets, HERE.

Photo From Cirque Promotions YouTube Video

Paranormal Cirque Details

The show is October 14th through the 24th at the Chicago Premium Outlet Mall in Aurora, Illinois. For more info, HERE.

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