If you could design your dream dive bar in Rockford, what would it be?

First of all, right away I went to set the record straight. When I say "dive bar," I mean it in the most loving way. I'm really talking about your neighborhood tavern, but I just like the term "dive bar" much better. It's a term of endearment. Nothing negative.

In my younger days, I spent a lot of time out and about boozing with my buddies. We enjoyed hitting "dive bars." I never really had a favorite spot. I preferred bouncing around. In fact, exploring for new places was the best for me. Finding a diamond in the rough. I had so many great times, though the memories are a little foggy.

Just because I didn't have a certain hangout doesn't mean I didn't have characteristics I searched for. It's funny because I recently saw an article about that exact subject.

According to brobile.com,

"What Are The Essential Features Of A Dive Bar?"

That made me go back and think. What was it about "dive bars" that really made me gravitate to them? Here are some of the features that I looked for...

  • Cheap drinks - I guess the politically correct way of saying it is affordable.
  • Types of beverages - Beer (in a can) and shots (no mixes, just straight out of the bottle.
  • Food - Frozen pizza cooked in a small countertop pizza oven.
  • Entertainment - CD Juke Box with lots of Classic Rock, a couple of TVs just in case one of my team is playing, and an old school video game.
  • Atmosphere - Dark, dingy, and everything hanging up at least a decade old.
  • Staff - Friendly and good storytellers.
  • Customers - Neighbor regulars.

If we could create the ultimate "dive bar," what's one thing it must have?

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