A couple was arrested for having sex this week at the Wisconsin State Fair.

I enjoy going to fairs. It could be a small local town fair, a county fair, or a great big state fair. They are always a good time. I like the tasty food and checking out the entertainment. It's a fun family activity. Well, it usually is until an incident at the Wisconson State Fair this week.

According to fox6now.com,

"A man and woman have been taken into custody after they were allegedly caught on camera having sex at the Wisconsin State Fair."

Video: News story, couple getting caught having sex at Wisconsin State Fair

It seems like this type of situation has been happening a lot lately. I guess they still live with their parents and can't afford a cheap motel room. Don't they at least have a car? Someone should have grabbed a hose and started spraying them.

Don't take this the wrong way, I definitely don't condone this type of behavior. Especially at a place where families hang out. What about the people taking pictures and filming to post on social media? Aren't they just as bad? I think so. A bunch of sickos.

I've been at the Zoo for some awkward situations, but could you imagine having to explain this one to your children.


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