Is it possible for Wisconsin to get tougher laws for drinking and driving?

It's always been a joke between my friends and I. To live in Wisconsin, you need multiple DUI's on your record. Well actually, they refer to them as OWI's.

Obviously, the rules are much more lenient since people are still driving with several offenses under their belt.

Could that change in the near future?

According to,

"With a new Democratic ally in the governor's office, a handful of Republican lawmakers are pushing for Wisconsin to join the rest of the country and criminalize first-offense drunken driving."

"On paper, it might look like a can't-miss bipartisan initiative, but it's not that easy in a state where beer is so much a part of the culture that the major league baseball team is called the Brewers. Powerful Republican opponents are already lining up against the idea, calling it impractical and too expensive."

Sounds like this is going to be a big political battle. I don't think it's going to happen anytime in the near future. Hopefully, someday.

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