Chrissie Hynde got reflective in a social media post about her coronavirus quarantine experience, saying she's "not a very nice person” and that she's aware of it.

The Pretenders leader is in lockdown in the U.K. and shared her thoughts about the frustrations of spending time at home while others appear to ignore the rules relating to social responsibility.

“I imagine everyone out there, like me, is in lockdown,” Hynde wrote. “Pretty grim, huh? I live on my own in a flat in London with no garden – just a little balcony looking into a car park. But I am sooooooo glad to have a place with hot water and a bed. And I am glad to be in the thick of it with my fellow man. I see people older than myself walking past on their walking sticks and I think, ‘God bless you, bro.’ Then there’s the boy-racers in their flash cars speeding up to the traffic lights – I see them and think, ‘You asshole!’ I go from compassion to hatred with nothing much in the middle. Same as always.”

Changing the subject, she noted that a “well-meaning friend sent me what he thought was a funny story about myself where I berated an autograph hunter on the street once. ... My friend obviously does not know how much I agonize after events like that.  But I’m not a very nice person and I know it. So sue me.”

She added that she  apologized "to the guy in Australia 12 years ago who I shouted at saying, ‘Haven't I done enough already!’ My problem is I got famous 10 years after I’d left home, so I’d already formed my defensive, obnoxious street persona, and I couldn’t change it when fame demanded I be a nice person to strangers who were bugging me.”

Hynde also said she suffered a “very weird turn” that landed her in a “bad mental [and] emotional state,” putting it down to “mild symptoms” of what might have been the coronavirus. She said she missed having a pet at home, and doesn't have one because there'd be nobody to care for it when she was on tour.

“Why am I telling you this?" she explained. "I’m just trying to be sociable - you know, ’share.' It’s a good time for that now that we are not supposed to go out.”


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