A family fight at a famous Chicago pool hall used in the movie, "The Color of Money," sent seven family members to the hospital! ChicagoSuntimes

Family fights, usually are nothing more than harsh words, opinions, and colorful language. This family fight at Chris’s Billiards on Chicago sent this entire family to the hospital. Yikes!

Christian Wiediger
Christian Wiediger

As you can imagine, alcohol was involved and this fight started at 1:50am...Nothing good happens after midnight, people. But when this family got to fighting, it got nasty...quick.

Man and woman after fight

Not only did this family kick the crap out of each other, but they went nuts on the actual pool hall...damaging a pool cue, pool table and busting a hole in the wall. Take that, grandma!


None of these injuries that sent 7 family members to the hospital, were life threatening. Lots of bumps and bruises and great stories to tell at Christmas, I guess?

The location of this fight "Chris's Billiards" in Chicago, was where they shot the movie "The Color of Money" back in 1986 which featuring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise.

Top Gun Tom Cruise
Paramount Pictures

Maybe Martin Scorsese could come back to Chicago and film a sequel, "The Color of Money: When Family Gets Loaded and Fights." I'd watch it, and Tom Cruise could save the day or something.

Anyway, the police could not determine who started the family brawl and no complaints were filed...So even though there where 7 family members transported to the hospital, no arrested were made.


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